Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Moving to Vietnam

3500 km of coastline, white beaches in Vietnam.
I have decided to move to Vietnam, and try a fresh start. To a lot of people it's 'out of the blue', and seems impulsive, which wouldn't phase my friends, as everything I do seems like that! But honestly, I have been wanting to go back to Vietnam ever since I visited about 5 years ago.

Nha Trang
I guess the problem with people understanding why I want to move to Vietnam is all to do with how people see the country, all they think of is children running away from napalm strikes and choppers blasting out "ride of the Valkyries". That was a long time ago, and is similar to saying that you don't want to go to Germany because it's filled with Nazi's.

The other important part of why I want to try living in Vietnam is answered best by asking: "why do I want to live in England?". As it seems odd just to end up living where you were you were brought up, just because, so out of hundreds of countries I just stay where I was put, rather than pick one that suits who I am!

Where I am moving, the bridge has a flame thrower. Dragon Bridge in DaNang.
Or I could stay in England: Land of Health and Safety, were benefits are a career move, were the people are so retarded that they need warning labels on everything, cars cost more in fuel than to buy, Political correctness is rife, Christianity is rife and it's cold and rainy most of the time.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Have had a very long hiatus from travelling the world, while still staying nomadic and tight-fisted with money of course!

I have done a lot of interesting things, which are worth mentioning; For example I have built a 3D printer from scratch, been flying a ROV inspection submarine occasionally, worked on all the electronics to get a landing-craft operational again after being decommissioned and have got my self a HGV licence so I can drive lorries!

So I have been busy! But I am starting bloging again now.

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

3 months in Tenerife

Teno, Tenerife

as usual I am dos-ing. To dos for this length of time on my small budget involves staying in a few caves, squats and couchsurfing a little. But on the plus side it means I can have 3 months of sun-baked holiday!

best part of this holiday has been the animals and views in my opinion; 2 hedgehogs, countless lizzards and Geckos. 

Magical multi-colour Melvin.
Baby Twinkle the Gecko.
Troll the Hedgehog.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Open art project - upgrade

It's been a while since I last mentioned my website. As I haven't been doing much to it, that's until recently!

canvas at maximum zoom
 here's an interesting comparison of the change over the last year-ish:

I have been working on a complete re-write, almost from scratch, but keeping the old drawings. The main improvements are / will be:
  • HTML5 canvas using javascript - no more slow, buggy, horrible flash! (I hate you adobe).
  • device reach - it will now (probably) work on pretty much everything (including mobiles and apple products)
  • better user interface - zoom in using sroll wheel, or buttons. far quicker and more intuitive.
  • faster - 42KB+ on flash down to 7KB on javascript. better zoom, faster image loading.
  • link to location - as you move around the address bar changes, so you can link people to your drawing.
  • bugs fixed - many bugs caused by flash action script being a terrible language have been fixed.
  • more drawing tools - I am planing to make many more tools. (WIP)
  • colour palette - should be more user friendly and better colours. (WIP)
You can trial the new HTML5 version if you like. drawing is disabled for now, to stop any possible damage.