Tuesday, 14 April 2009

The plan

Well, how do I start? I have a very strange idea, which I think someone may be interested in, so I have started this blog to share the process, so you can see what happens.

I am planing to try and get from England to Asia and back living and traveling on under 5£ a day by hitching, camping and maybe working all the way.

A good example of how possible living for so little is possible is posted here where a teacher lived on £1 a day for a year, the traveling would have to be free for this to be feasible, so mostly hitching and similar things, which is quite possible. The accommodation would have to be free also, so wwoofing, couch surfing and camping.

so this blog will document the process, at the moment I am selling everything and buying camping equipment, so it isn't a pipe-dream!

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