Friday, 24 April 2009

lowering outgoings

(Camping at peppercombe)

I have been making headway, I have been sorting out my outgoings. I figured the first important thing is to eliminate all outgoings. So I cataloged them and have canceled what I can in preparation. The bonus is I am now saving nearly all my income! so am rich!

Swimming membership = £5 a week.
Car insurance = £10 a week.
Car fuel = £20 a week.
Car tax = £3 a week.
Charity = £7 a week. I feel bad, but I will reinstate when I am not living on less than £28 a week.
Phone = £5 a week.
rent = £35 a week.
food = £30 a week.

total = £115 a week.

after canceling what I can:

Car insurance = £10 a week.
Car fuel = £5 a week.
Car tax = £3 a week.
Phone = £5 a week. Will cancel the day I leave.
food = £28 a week.

total = £51 a week!

I have spent every day I am not working camping or couch surfing. Also I have been experimenting with eating for under £4 a week. And I have found it is more than doable, it is easy! If you look at it as £2 for breakfast and lunch, and £2 for dinner, it is quite doable using value brands, as I have been eating very well for £4 a day, I could manage £3!

Also I have been learning which wild plants are edible, as it makes a big difference to save 50p when you only have £5 a day! so far nettles and wild garlic have been the best, as they taste great. also nettles are a good green to have in your diet, high in iron.

I am getting closer, and I am sure I can manage to lower my outgoings further.

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