Saturday, 2 May 2009

Trial week plan

image of a camping stove I made with 2 beer cans.

In the last 2 weeks I have achieved a lot, and have proved that most parts of my idea are theoretically possible. Which has given me a lot of motivation, so I think it is time to do a small trial; I will aim to live a week for 5£ a day (only £35 a week)..

Progress over last 2 weeks:
  • massively decreased outgoings from about £115>£50.
  • tried having 3 meals for under £3. managed!
  • got camping equipment.
  • created this blog to chart my progress.

For my trail week I will be ignoring bills I can't cancel (for example car insurance), and will ignore days that I need to go to work (2-3 a week) so it won't be a week of consecutive days, but will be the best I can manage. If it goes well, I will try a month, might even get the time off work and go up to the high lands (Scotland). I won't use my car during the trial also, as I won't have it for the real thing.

Over all I am convinced I can make this happen. As long as I travel for free using hitching, sneaking onto freight trains and maybe working for passage on boats also don't pay for accommodation by camping, couch surfing and working for my keep Then this will hopefully only leave food that I have to pay for, which I can afford.

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