Wednesday, 3 June 2009

nearly there!

I am getting very close to my leaving date, only around 9 weeks and I have managed to sort out most things, if I was a normal person this is where I would start worrying about my lack of plan and money, but instead I am rather looking forward to the adventure! Have been getting plenty of exercise and getting good at camping over the last few months so I am starting to feel ready.

The main problem I have been working on is having enough money to travel for more than 6+ months, this has been rather tricky, I have managed to save a lot, which will be quite helpful in a crisis, but I am planing to spend as little of that money as possible. In the end, the money isn't much of a problem, as I would enjoy working along the way and even busking if necessary, as I am traveling fairly light and quite willing to camp at any opportunity food is the main outgoing, which thankfully is fairly cheap.

The only other annoying problem is getting my passport sorted, in the end after quite a few months I have given up getting a British passport for many annoying reasons, so now I need to renew my Spanish passport, as I am in England I will need to travel to London, no big deal, gives me a little trip to try out if I am ready to travel for practically nothing.

So, if all goes according to plan, which it seldom does, I will be off very soon! an until then I am just going to practice my camping and being thrifty.

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