Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Third week: Map of progress

heres the map of where I have been aproximately. It doesn´t show per hitch, just the route I have taken. 4000km.

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Third week of bimbles

The third week was quite relaxing compared to the first 2, as I spent 3 days doing the last bit of hitching to Bilbao (in Spain) where my Granny lives then I relaxed.

After a couple of days hitching without much effort I got to Vienne, where I desided to take it easy for a couple of days, was quite a nice French Town, nothing amasing to note.

The only thing worth mentioning was the lift I got out of Vienne, with a nice guy called Simon that worked most of the year with sheep as people did his head in, he lived in his clapped-out van and was very amusingly French. wish I was a good writter so I could conger up a vivid image of him, but instead you will have to fill the gap with something amusing yourself.

After that I spent a hard days hitching and got 8 lifts which managed to get fairly far and got me into Spain. Most memerable where: a guy in a campervan with a dog named after the hologram in quantum leap ("Ziggy"), and a guy that was drink-smoke-driving - with a can in one hand and a cigarette in the other! he was nice, gave me 10€ and a beer for the way. Also he drove safer than me so I wasn´t bothered. Oh, and a guy tried to get me to pay 20€ before I got into the car, clearly didn´t.

By the time I got into Spain I was fairly bored of hitching so spent a day bimbling arround monte blanco, and a good hour up a fig tree scrumping them all! after that I walked 40km to a service station while it was seriously hot as it was a terrible spot to hitch from. On the walk I noticed the differences between Spain and England, the biggest were the heat, the amount of scrumpable fruit and the difference in what you find by the road. In england its mostly mouldy rabits, maybe a badger. In Spain it´s dogs and cat´s and numberplates. And the bug´s are huge!

Second week of bimbles

Once I recovered I tried to hitch, after a couple of hours of failing to hitch to a destination around the coast I gave up and tried to hitch to Paris, which was alot easier, within an hour I got a lift from 2 great guys from Taunton belive it or not! They were having problems using there GPS, so I helped them navigate and we got talking, turns out they we´re going to Italy, which I was well up for!

a hotel we stopped in.

when we went into the hotel (somewhere not special on the border with Germany) I think the receptionist thought I was a escort, as we asked for 2 beds for 3 people, Which was damn funny!

one of the million crazy corners.

In the morning we crossed into Switerland, which was amasing! beautiful mountains, glaciers, and amasing roads just like the ones in topgear. Many of the roads where shocking, only a peice of rope between you and certain doom! which makes a change from health and saftey britain. I can´t really describe how beautiful it was, if you care photo´s might give you a small idea, but it was far more shocking than they can portray: Bimble photos - try and spot the secret doors in a mountain, seriously.

a glacier. more pictures in my photo´s.

anyhow, After afew hours of amasingly winedy roads and amasing views we entered Italy, which was also amasing, as it was still surounded by mountains, but had Italian style houses etc.

Lynn´s castle. Spent a night.

When we got to the destination we were rather impressed with our accomidation to say the least! Was a fricken castle, ok a small one, but after spending most of my nights getting bitten by everything outside it was amasing! to get an idea of size it had 5 floors and behind of what you can see. Everyone there was very welcoming, and best of all, we got taken on a mad ride half way up the mountain the other side of the valley in the background of this photo, at great scarry speed I may add! the mountain was 2800 meters. The view from half way up was crazy, was like being in a plane. And the ride, we were sure this guy was 'the stig', there where real hairpin at scarry inclinations, I could not beleive it.

After all that excitement, we went and baught pizza´s, which as you can imagine where damn good being in Italy and all! In the morning I helped load the van, and we were off, more amasing views, amasing waterfalls, stupidly high road bridges, another glacier, beautiful clear bright blue lakes and many more lovelly views. After afew hours we went through the longest tunnel in Europe (monte blanco) which was someing impressive like 10 miles. And finally I saw my first hitcher! sure ain´t many. And finally I parted ways with Steve and Ray somewhere unimportant in East France. Had a kip in a wood, and in the morning I met a hitcher, was going the opposite way, but was exciting as he was the first person that was spanish, so we had a natter.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

First week of Bimbles.

Have had a strange time over the last week and have seen some amassing places and met some great people. I will do my best to sum up the best parts.

So to Start with I hitched down to London to The eco-village (land occupation) and had a lovely few days, was sad to leave. worth a visit, full of lovely people. After 4 days I had to head off before I moved in! so first step was hitching across on the ferry to Calais, which was surprisingly easy; found a German Lorry driver that didn't speak a word of English at a service station and I was across. Once in Calais I chilled out for a day and had a look around, got bored so hitched via 2 Lorries (a rather ridiculous route) to near Boulonge.

Where the policeman caught up with me.

This is where it starts to get amusing; the guy just ditched me on the motorway, which was pretty bad, specially as there was only on way out accross a slipway. so I waited for ages until it was very clear and crossed it, only problem was a Policeman spotted me earlier from the other dirrection so after 30min of walking away from the motorway he caught up with me and pointed his pistol at me, told me to drop my bag and searched me! then he told me never to go on the motorway and took me 5km into the middle of nowhere and ditched me there and told me to hitch from there! was rather fun if I am honest.

After that the weirdness didn't stop, as I didn't know where I was I thought it wise to hitch to Boulogne and start again, so I tried for an hour on this desolate road, eventually a girl picked me up that only spoke French and she misunderstood what I tried communicate by the biggest amount possible and dropped me at a homeless shelter, which I was hugely entertained by and thought I may as well give it a try, the suppricing thing was it was great! lovely food and a good bed; far better than most backpacking hostles! someone explained that there are a lot of n.f.a people in france so they even have a number to call anywhere in france where they come and pick you up and drop you at one of these shelters for free. They people have it good in France.
A castle in Boulogne. 

I thought I may as well check Boulogne out, it was fairly rubbish, but I did meet an amusing fellow called Andrew I asked him for directions and we got talking, turns out his was vaguely travelling around France after doing the same in Spain for a year. He Asked me if I wanted to help him carry abit of metal that weighed about 30Kg for about 10km for 15euro, I thought it was a rather odd propositon but was intrigued. After I helped him do that we hung out for a day or 2 which was rather odd, finally I tired of Boulogne and hitched out to the nearest motorway Sevices. Which I later realised was a bad idea as I was ill for a day and a half and didn't enjoy myself a whole lot!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Left on Bimbles!

I have finally head off! I am now in Boulogne in France, as I am taking it nice and easy.

I would love to write a long entry about all the strange things that have happened, but I have blagged the use of this computer so I can't stqy on too long, so the short of it is I am having a very interesting and strange time; I have spent about £25 so far and it has been over a week, so I am well on budget!

got to go!