Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Second week of bimbles

Once I recovered I tried to hitch, after a couple of hours of failing to hitch to a destination around the coast I gave up and tried to hitch to Paris, which was alot easier, within an hour I got a lift from 2 great guys from Taunton belive it or not! They were having problems using there GPS, so I helped them navigate and we got talking, turns out they we´re going to Italy, which I was well up for!

a hotel we stopped in.

when we went into the hotel (somewhere not special on the border with Germany) I think the receptionist thought I was a escort, as we asked for 2 beds for 3 people, Which was damn funny!

one of the million crazy corners.

In the morning we crossed into Switerland, which was amasing! beautiful mountains, glaciers, and amasing roads just like the ones in topgear. Many of the roads where shocking, only a peice of rope between you and certain doom! which makes a change from health and saftey britain. I can´t really describe how beautiful it was, if you care photo´s might give you a small idea, but it was far more shocking than they can portray: Bimble photos - try and spot the secret doors in a mountain, seriously.

a glacier. more pictures in my photo´s.

anyhow, After afew hours of amasingly winedy roads and amasing views we entered Italy, which was also amasing, as it was still surounded by mountains, but had Italian style houses etc.

Lynn´s castle. Spent a night.

When we got to the destination we were rather impressed with our accomidation to say the least! Was a fricken castle, ok a small one, but after spending most of my nights getting bitten by everything outside it was amasing! to get an idea of size it had 5 floors and behind of what you can see. Everyone there was very welcoming, and best of all, we got taken on a mad ride half way up the mountain the other side of the valley in the background of this photo, at great scarry speed I may add! the mountain was 2800 meters. The view from half way up was crazy, was like being in a plane. And the ride, we were sure this guy was 'the stig', there where real hairpin at scarry inclinations, I could not beleive it.

After all that excitement, we went and baught pizza´s, which as you can imagine where damn good being in Italy and all! In the morning I helped load the van, and we were off, more amasing views, amasing waterfalls, stupidly high road bridges, another glacier, beautiful clear bright blue lakes and many more lovelly views. After afew hours we went through the longest tunnel in Europe (monte blanco) which was someing impressive like 10 miles. And finally I saw my first hitcher! sure ain´t many. And finally I parted ways with Steve and Ray somewhere unimportant in East France. Had a kip in a wood, and in the morning I met a hitcher, was going the opposite way, but was exciting as he was the first person that was spanish, so we had a natter.

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