Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Third week of bimbles

The third week was quite relaxing compared to the first 2, as I spent 3 days doing the last bit of hitching to Bilbao (in Spain) where my Granny lives then I relaxed.

After a couple of days hitching without much effort I got to Vienne, where I desided to take it easy for a couple of days, was quite a nice French Town, nothing amasing to note.

The only thing worth mentioning was the lift I got out of Vienne, with a nice guy called Simon that worked most of the year with sheep as people did his head in, he lived in his clapped-out van and was very amusingly French. wish I was a good writter so I could conger up a vivid image of him, but instead you will have to fill the gap with something amusing yourself.

After that I spent a hard days hitching and got 8 lifts which managed to get fairly far and got me into Spain. Most memerable where: a guy in a campervan with a dog named after the hologram in quantum leap ("Ziggy"), and a guy that was drink-smoke-driving - with a can in one hand and a cigarette in the other! he was nice, gave me 10€ and a beer for the way. Also he drove safer than me so I wasn´t bothered. Oh, and a guy tried to get me to pay 20€ before I got into the car, clearly didn´t.

By the time I got into Spain I was fairly bored of hitching so spent a day bimbling arround monte blanco, and a good hour up a fig tree scrumping them all! after that I walked 40km to a service station while it was seriously hot as it was a terrible spot to hitch from. On the walk I noticed the differences between Spain and England, the biggest were the heat, the amount of scrumpable fruit and the difference in what you find by the road. In england its mostly mouldy rabits, maybe a badger. In Spain it´s dogs and cat´s and numberplates. And the bug´s are huge!

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