Monday, 26 October 2009

Trip to Barcelona

Had much annoyance sorting out my Visa for China, so in the end I desided it would be easier to go to the Chinese embasy and sort it out there, so off I went to Barcelona. got a Bargain train there and back (400 miles each way).

nice pic of Barcelona.

Got there at night, checked out the embasy and it said it wasn´t open in the morning, so I spent 2 nights before I got to see anyone. second night was rather amusing, as I walked out of Barcelona (which is huge by the way) and strung my hamock up a tree, the night pasted very slowly as it was amasingly freezing also got woke up by a pack of wild bore twice, which I thought was pretty cool.

The great light-up colour changing giant fountain

When I actually got into the embasy it was all very easy as I had brought everything needed, so I had my visa done by the end of the day. efficient chinese. Then I got a ticket back for the following day, which ment I had another day to explore and also to find a place to sleep.

one of the many street performers. now that's good money scrounging!

I could tell you about all the great things in Barcelona, or you could go there yourself one day, so instead I will tell you of the amusing guy I met. After seeing the fountain (above) I had crossed the whole of Barcelona and was tired, so started looking for a place to sleep; while investigating a nice looking place I met another homeless guy, he showed me a great place to kip. He was from romania, didn't speak Spanish at all, and had got a super cheap flight for 15$ to meet a girl he liked from the internet (which wasn't into guys by the way), so he now lives outside her flat watching her window sleeping on a door and when he isn't doing that he begs for an hour or 2 to collect enough money to play world of warcraft online at one of the many internet cafes. So I guess the lesson is there is always someone less good than you!

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