Monday, 30 November 2009

Wobbley road ahead

What it will be like in ulaanbaatar.

Off again in 2 weeks, done a bit of research finally, Mongolia might be a wee bit cold, between -20 and -35. So looking forward to making a snow man! Also might buy a stylish Mongolian coat.

now thats a firewall!

May have a huge problem posting any updates to this blog, as everything is blocked in China, been looking into it, and it is almost impossible to access anything that may possibly speak against the government or state, Facebook is blocked, blogspot too, pornographic material and pretty much everything really. also all your emails are read and many more creapy things as it is estimated that about 30,000 Chinese civil servants are monitoring Internet traffic and blocking content that is deemed undesirable. So if I don't post for a while it might not be that I am lost or kidnapped, may just be I can't get a signal out. If I brought my own computer it would be easy to do, but the problem is I am using internet cafe's to post this. To read more about it golden shield project

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Hitching Gear

 new bag, 50 litre.

The trick to hitching is to not bring anything! as I can verify its knacking if you bring anything you don't completely need. Remember, if you really need something, you can probably buy it / find it / or often get given it along the way.

Essential (priority order):
  1. passport and visas (goes without saying really)
  2. 30-50 litre rucksack
  3. 2 litres of water
  4. Sleeping bag
  5. Army poncho (groundsheet / tent / waterproofs!)
  6. emergency food (high in carbohydrates is best, something like cous cous)
  7. knife
  8. perminant marker (a tip, if it dries out, soak up parfin to get it working again)
  9. minimal toiletries (flanel, shampoo, toothpaste and toothbrush)
  10. mobile (leave off)
  11. spare clothes, minimum!
  • 1x camping saucepan (you can do without)
  • Firesteel and lighter
  • hammock (can come in handy!)
  • first aid (bit of savlon will do)
  • Torch / Lamp (I would say a lamp is more useful)
  • Bivvi bag
  • pad and pen is fairly handy
  • ear plugs and eye mask (try sleeping some of the places I have without!)
  • battery charger
  • Camera (if you must, best if it takes AA's)
Try to not take:
  • too many spare clothes (1x trousers, 1x jacket, 2x change of T-shirt, 2x socks and 2x undies)
  • anything electrical

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

budget and spending

Thought I would take a moment to explain how much all my travels are costing, as it is a blog about me being a cheap-skate.

The first month (in which I hitched around abit of Europe and ended up in Spain) I did for about 3£ a day. Which was well in budget. I am planing to Stay with familly for 2 months, which I am spending about 2£ a day, which is awesome! Over all I am probably going to end up over budget because of my tickets to Mongolia and China, if I would have just stuck to Europe 3£ a day would have been easy to keep to.

The problem is I am forked-out for lots of tickets and visas which has totally screwed my budget, as you would expect! So I am hoping to not spend much when I get to China, as I will be there for 1-4 months (could stay 5 with the visas I have, if I go to hong kong in the middle, as have a double entry visa and hong kong counts as leaving, also they let you stay for 3 months without visa)

So to sum up, I will probably manage 6 months for under 10£ a day. Which is totally fantastic as I will have crossed more than 6 countries!