Wednesday, 4 November 2009

budget and spending

Thought I would take a moment to explain how much all my travels are costing, as it is a blog about me being a cheap-skate.

The first month (in which I hitched around abit of Europe and ended up in Spain) I did for about 3£ a day. Which was well in budget. I am planing to Stay with familly for 2 months, which I am spending about 2£ a day, which is awesome! Over all I am probably going to end up over budget because of my tickets to Mongolia and China, if I would have just stuck to Europe 3£ a day would have been easy to keep to.

The problem is I am forked-out for lots of tickets and visas which has totally screwed my budget, as you would expect! So I am hoping to not spend much when I get to China, as I will be there for 1-4 months (could stay 5 with the visas I have, if I go to hong kong in the middle, as have a double entry visa and hong kong counts as leaving, also they let you stay for 3 months without visa)

So to sum up, I will probably manage 6 months for under 10£ a day. Which is totally fantastic as I will have crossed more than 6 countries!

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