Tuesday, 15 December 2009

first day in Mongolia

Parliament house (ulaan baatar)

after a rather harrowing journey I have finally arrived in Mongolia. was 3 flights, 12+2+1 hours, and many hours of waiting for transfers, I left Spain at 7am and Arrived 4pm one day later! so by the time I turned up I was very tired as I hadn't slept at all in 2 days.

 Peace street.

It is pretty nippy here, about -35 at night and -20 in the day time on a warm day, which is pretty spiffing. there are many stalagmites of ice around as half the year it is bellow zero, so any ice doesn't melt for 6 months. While walking around you notice the cold quite a bit, every time I breath in the inside of my nose freezes, then defrosts when I breath out, which is an odd feeling. The food here is nice, and has millions of calories, as you lose lots of energy just being outside. Also I have seen a few people in traditional Mongolian attire and they look amassing, think I am going to try and buy a Chingis khan style hat today as I saw someone with one and I absolutely want one.

peace street again.
The first thing I did after finding a guest house was to go out drinking obviously, can't let the British reputation down! it was excellent, drink is extremely cheap, and the exchange rate makes anyone with pounds rich, which is nice. one club had bears and Sphinx's as wall decorations and 2 giant stuffed eagles, which I thought was very entertaining. Also went to a live music pub, which had great music, The music was mostly English, with some Russian and Spanish.

clearly a temple.

As usual I haven't really been taking any photos, and I have only wondered around a bit as I have only just turned up, so I will give it a go today and try to get a few great pictures before I leave. Shame I didn't take a photo of the amassing mountains, I might on my way to China.

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