Sunday, 27 December 2009

Train to Beijing from Mongolia

I have enjoyed Mongolia a lot, it's a great place, mostly because you are rich if you have English money! Kinda went a little wild, never been rich before. was fun for a couple of days, better go back to being stingy if I am going to make it out of China.

stalactites from an air-conditioner.

I won't forget how absolutely freezing cold the Mongolian winter is, coldest it's been was -38! But being freezing has it's advantages; nothing smells for a start and after staying in Bilbao for ages that's quite a bonus, no dog poo's on the street, ice sculptures don't melt and everything is pretty with stalactites. Also you can skate alone the pavements as they are icy. Ok, fine there isn't many!

a pretty frozen river from the train.

You would have to see to believe what happens on the road, they have 4-6 lanes in the middle of Ulaanbaatar and people are doing U-turns and all sorts, people cross by running out and hoping. Quite a sight to see. Don't think they believe in safety here, there are open lamp posts with bare wires sticking out, and manholes with no covers. I personally like a bit of risk now and then so it's quite refreshing.

Train 1
me and Carl taking photos from the train after Jimmying the window open.

The sleeper train from Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia) to Beijing (China) was totally worth doing as there was some amassing views, specially as we managed to jimmy open the locked windows in the cabin, knew taking my leatherman was a great idea! and also the changing off the wheels on the carriages on the Mongolia-China border was very interesting (they both use different gauge tracks, so they lift the cabins up about 6 foot with us in and put different gauge wheels on!)

Cabin on the trans-Mongolian.

While on the train I met a amusing group of travelers that were on a tour and had done the route from Moscow that I wanted to do, best of all I meet Carl who is also planing to go down to Thailand, so we may stick together, who knows. I shared my cabin with a girl from Manchester, which was certainly unexpected!

a view of the train from out of the window.

what else? mind has gone blank, saw a camel, and a guy cycling across a frozen lake, other things like that. going to go, dead bored of writing.

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