Friday, 1 January 2010

Down through China

cool 2000+ year old clay stuff.

After Beijing I visited Xi'an to see the terracotta warriors (some young emperor more than 2000 years ago ordered everyone to make hundreds of clay warriors to guard his tomb, then everyone forgot about it until some farmer found them by accident 2000 years later). It was cool to see, but otherwise Xi'an was pretty rubbish, got a train later that day to Guilin, was a 30 hour hard sleeper. I stayed in guilin a couple of nights and saw a couple of touristy things, one being the weird mountains that are very beautiful and pointy, best bit is we went by raft down a river to see them, and we went on a bus to see the terraced rice fields, and some random village where they all had long hair (god knows why that counts as a tourist attraction in China)

pointy mountains.

terraced rice fields.

After Guilin we went on to Hong Kong for new year, as most of China only celebrates the Chinese new year, also there is a Vietnamese embassy so I could get my visa ready for the next country. Hong kong wasn't as I expected it, was even busier than London, and wasn't that pretty either. Looking forward to Vietnam more after hong kong! But we did bimble around a bit, sneaked up to floor 62 and got some good shots from some of the buildings.

clearly new year fireworks in Hong kong.

It's worth mentioning a couple of more food related things, saw dog on the menu for the first time, and a full snake in a massive jar of what tasted like vodka (but clearly more snakey).

 dog and snake in a jar of Vodka. mmm snakey.

and just one more thing, I spotted the most out of place Mc Donalds ever, set in the beautiful mountains near Guilin and by lovely lake with a pretty bridge. Mc Donalds do know exactly how to ruin everything.

most out of place Mc Donalds ever!

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