Monday, 18 January 2010

First few days in 'nam

not sure if I can describe Vietnam to someone that hasn't seen it, but I will give it a shot, but it's probably best to look at the pictures. The countryside is beautiful, the people are very welcoming to the point of wanting to marry you, everything is bodged to the point of having live wires in shower rooms with just a bit of tape round, and the traffic doesn't remind you of traffic at all, it's more like people walking down a street, as you can go any way you like, for example over-taking someone on the wrong side of the road on the pavement wouldn't be that bad or going up the wrong way on a one way street is normal.

5 million Dong and our motorbikes.

on the train down from Nanning (China) I met Amanda who was also planing to travel around Vietnam, I said I was going to buy a motorbike and she liked the idea and joined me. We bought 2 big old Russian Minsk's, was extremely amusing to get 5 million out to pay for them, each of the notes in the photo is 100,000 dong.

the view from the top patio of the people we stayed with and a road we drove down.

for the first few days we stayed at a couch surfers house, full of nice people by the way. went out with them for a few nights out, which was great fun, but I didn't drink much as I had to drive us back. While we were there 2 more couch surfers turned up (Table and Max) and we hung out with them around Hanoi until our bikes were ready.

 a standard bear hut.

Heading off on our bikes was a lot of fun, and we encountered plenty of drama, falling off the bikes, breaking down, and crashing into things and generally not having any real plan for were to go. But luckily the bikes don't go that fast (60 at a push) and there are mechanics everywhere, which are master bodgers. and the views, oh my, wish you could see them yourself.

Thaun and friends.

Were ever you go you can easily make friends, as westerners are rare and everyone wants to hang out with you or marry you, which at first is a little odd, but you get used to it. And the best part is that if some one invites you over to hang out with them then they pay, it's like a rule, so I hardly ever pay to drink. So I definitely have been having fun! and that weird pipe is like a bong, but for their tobacco, tried it and was sure it was more than just tobacco, if I lived in Vietnam I would definitely take up smoking!

One great thing is the price of things, to buy a pint of beer you pay between 3p and 30p and a good meal is 80p! a cheap hostel can cost 1.20p. In Vietnam I am rich, which is odd.

Cam and his family.

While looking for a place in the rain and at night I met Cam and his family who nicely put me up for a couple of days. Everyone here is so welcoming it's hard to believe, makes me wonder how everyone can be so cold in the western world.

Oh and I ate dog for the first time, by accident I might add, I wouldn't recommend it. But snake is nice, tastes like chicken but better.

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