Sunday, 17 January 2010

Leaving China for Vietnam

 R66 rotating restaurant. and the view from it at night.

Staying in Hong kong was amusing, as I couldn't afford a place (specially for new year, as everywhere was a lot more expensive) so I sneaked into Carl's room and kipped on the floor, but the hostels here are like fort-knox, they have security doors, and people roaming around the corridors watching for anyone on the steal, and cameras all around with it on a big screen at the reception of the hostel, so getting in each night was very tricky, but at least I saved a few bob, as my money is now hitting crisis levels, and am going to have to raid my savings now otherwise I won't make Vietnam, let alone home! We also had a meal in a rotating restaurant on the top of a medium sized skyscraper (62 floors) which was great as we got a good view of Hong Kong, and my favorite bit was it was all you could eat, so I gorged myself and didn't need to eat for a day after!

a real beggar, and a very annoying generator in China.

It took 3 trains, 2 of them being sleeper trains to get to Vietnam, also had to spend a night in an illegal hostel as I got in at 2am, which was a disgusting by the way, which from me is saying a lot! also I got woken up at 6 by the loudest generator I have ever heard, it was 2 blocks away and was powering a jack hammer, which I couldn't hear, that gives you an idea how loud it was, so all in all the trip from Hong Kong was long and tiring, but I did meet some nice Chinese people along the way. In Nanning I saw some of the most extreme begging I have ever seen, the guy in the photo above is lying on a wheeled cart and has many infected open wounds and is begging for enough money to go to hospital and feed his family (sitting next to him).

Amanda and the rubbish filled streams of Hanoi.

On the final train (China > Vietnam) I met Amanda (Sweden) and we decided to hang out for a few days, she had found a place to stay on so that made my life a lot easier for Hanoi! The picture above shows some of the "beautiful" rubbish filled streams of Hanoi, one of the first things I noticed in Vietnam.

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