Friday, 1 January 2010

Time in Beijing

misc temple, near the sun temple I think.

Beijing was quite a change from Mongolia! for a start you can't go anywhere without someone practically forcing you to buy something super cheap, or experiencing a bit of mild racism, as they don't seem to like westerners that much except for their money, which is a bit saddening. The toilets are a disgrace to humanity, specially on trains, as it's just a hole in the ground, and in some toilets there is only a small wall that doesn't really hid much, so just imagine.

me eating a chicken foot. and a selection of weird food, scorpions and sea horses visible.

Wasn't as impressed by the food as I thought I would be, most of it is just odd and unexpected. When you buy something don't expect it to taste how you think it should, most things are a mix of different tastes that never go together in most foods normally. but I did try many usual things which you would never find in England or Spain, for example: scorpion, giant locust, sea horse, cocoons, chickens food, ducks neck and many other things I don't know the names off or didn't know what they were.

frozen lake. and a photo from the island in the middle.

We also went to the sun temple and the nearby lake was frozen over, so we walked across to the island in the middle, which was very awesome, specially as some guy was renting out homemade sleds.

Christmas meal. hostel Christmas party.

Christmas in Beijing was odd. for Christmas eve the hostel put on a xmas eve party, which was very bizarre, then we went out to a few bars, it was alright. For xmas day I was invited to go and eat a xmas meal, I almost didn't go as it was very expensive, but I am very happy I did, it was Delicious! and it was good to do something for xmas.

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