Friday, 26 February 2010

Leaving 'nam

This post is rather lacking in photo's due to me stupidly letting a kid play with my camera, they formatted the card, shame, had some great photo's of me climbing up a small waterfall and driving my motorbike on the beach.

I am finally returning home, I have had a really great time and met great people, as you would expect. Think I might have even learnt something!

In a lot of ways I will be sad to leave 'nam, as it's a lovely place and the people are so wonderful.Some of the best people I have met have been via which I recommend to anyone that likes bimbles.

Over all I have stayed on budget, possibly minus the plane to Mongolia, Mainly as it is so amasingly cheap to be in South-east Asia, I mean to the level that I can hardly believe it.

I shall be home by the 1st of March, should be good to see people :)

I will continue to post up any amassing bimbles I partake in.

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