Saturday, 4 June 2011

Trip to Belgium

It's been a while since I have gone anywhere, so I think it's worth mentioning my trip to Belgium. Even though it's only round the corner really (3/4 of the trip was going from Barnstaple to Dover). Proudly I didn't look at a map during the journey at all! only hard bit was navigating Brussles really.

Bideford - Brussles
 I guess it's only worth mentioning as I did it on my motorbike (and it didn't blow up). Was rather harrowing driving back, as it rained very hard for about 3 hours, which drenched me through my leathers, meaning I was driving along at 70mph with wet clothes on (cold!). After a bit of hyperthermia I was fine. Going by bike does make a journey feel 3 times further in my opinion, so I don't think I will be doing any epic travels on one, hitching is cheaper and less knackering.

The roads in Belgium are terrible, deep pot-holes on the motorway, which could have easily have made me crash, so had to be very vigilant.

cupping a lions balls.
As for Brussles, "meh", smelt of poo and was so-so, would have prefered to go to Italy again. The best bit was probably cupping this lions balls, and the weather.

Me in Hotel room.
For accomidation I managed to sneak into Holly and Tim's room at a lovelly hotel, which is lucky. Otherwise I would have found a hostel for the first night then couch-surfed I think.

All in all I managed 1000 miles (there and back) for approximately £135 (£35 ferry), Should have hitched really, as would have been less than £30!

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