Friday, 10 February 2012

Open art project - upgrade

It's been a while since I last mentioned my website. As I haven't been doing much to it, that's until recently!

canvas at maximum zoom
 here's an interesting comparison of the change over the last year-ish:

I have been working on a complete re-write, almost from scratch, but keeping the old drawings. The main improvements are / will be:
  • HTML5 canvas using javascript - no more slow, buggy, horrible flash! (I hate you adobe).
  • device reach - it will now (probably) work on pretty much everything (including mobiles and apple products)
  • better user interface - zoom in using sroll wheel, or buttons. far quicker and more intuitive.
  • faster - 42KB+ on flash down to 7KB on javascript. better zoom, faster image loading.
  • link to location - as you move around the address bar changes, so you can link people to your drawing.
  • bugs fixed - many bugs caused by flash action script being a terrible language have been fixed.
  • more drawing tools - I am planing to make many more tools. (WIP)
  • colour palette - should be more user friendly and better colours. (WIP)
You can trial the new HTML5 version if you like. drawing is disabled for now, to stop any possible damage.

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